Yes, we can offer one free trial class per student, if there is availability in that class. Also, we do
not offer free trials during the month of August because we are working on organizing classes.
To schedule a trial class you must have a parent portal with us HERE  and then email us at thetumbleshack@gmail.com

All students pay a $25 registration fee per student or $50 per family (Non-refundable). We also
charge your last month’s tuition (May since our season runs August-May) at the time of
registration (Non-Refundable). Plus we charge your current month’s tuition. For example: I
sign my child up for the Starz tumbling class in September. I will pay $25 registration fee + $60
May Tuition + $60 September Tuition for a total of $145. Then it would be $60 each month after
through April.

Tiny Tumblers $55/month

We do not refund your May tuition if you withdraw your student before the end of the season.
This helps cover our costs for a month while we try to fill the vacant spot.

We offer one makeup class a month for students who are sick or out of town. So if you are out
of town for a couple of weeks, you still only get one makeup class. To arrange a makeup class,
please contact us at thetumbleshack@gmail.com

We count how many classes each day of the week get for the whole season. Even with all the
Monday holidays our Monday classes are only short a day or two. So we offer one makeup for
the whole season for our Monday students. To schedule that makeup please email us at

To access our most up to date class schedule please check out our parent portal. The portal
will also show you if a class if full or how many open spots are left. Our Class Schedule is Listed HERE.

You can check the website Key Dates HERE When you click on the parent portal page, you will see a message on the bottom left hand
corner that lists all the holiday breaks for tumbling. https://dancestudio-pro.com/online/thetumbleshack

To withdraw your student from tumbling, you will need to email us at

We understand that sometimes your schedules change during the season. If we have openings
we are happy to switch your child to a different class at the same skill level. You are not able to
make this change in the parent portal, please reach out to us to inquire about changing

Yes you can pay cash after your initial registration. Cash must be placed in an envelope with
your child’s name on it and the date of payment. Please hand the cash envelope to one of the
coaches before the 10th of each month.

Yes, we require each family to be enrolled in auto-pay. Your credit/debit card or checking
account will not be billed as long as we receive your cash payment before the 10th of each
month. If we do not receive your payment before the 10th your account will be billed.

Many students wear a leotard and shorts or tank/shirt and shorts. As long as it is stretchy and
somewhat form fitting so coaches can spot easier, it will work! Also please have pulled back
away from the face.

At times our coaches offer private lessons but they are for current Tumble Shack students.
Please reach out to us to inquire about private lesson options.

The best way to get a hold of us is through email: thetumbleshack@gmail.com Please note,
that we do not work on weekends and may take a day or two to respond.

Yes, your first child will pay the full tuition amount each month but any additional children will
be discounted $5/child/month. So if you have two children in the Starz class-your first child’s
tuition will be $60/month. Your second child would be $55/month.

Yes, your first child will pay the full tuition amount each month but any additional children will
be discounted $5/child/month. So if you have two children in the Starz class-your first child’s
tuition will be $60/month. Your second child would be $55/month.

We do not have a parent lobby. Parents can drop off their students or they can stay and watch
but they must remain outside and watch through the window. We have found that our students
do much better when their parents are not inside. Thank you for understanding!

We do not do a big recital but at the end of the year we do do a parent show in the studio! It is
an informal affair but parents are invited to come and watch your child go across the floor and
show off all the cool tricks they have learned!

If you have a question or concern and would like to talk to a coach, please email us. We don’t
want to interrupt the coaches during class time and since our classes overlap they are
constantly coaching! We will get back to you as soon as possible.