Our Programs

Tiny Tumblers

For younger children ages 3 to 5 years old. This is a class where we focus on listening, following instruction and the basic tumbling skills. They will learn forward/backwards rolls and we will begin to introduce them to handstands, cartwheels, bridges, etc. They will work on body positions, building strength, coordination and flexibility.


For tumblers ages 4 and up working basic skills such as forward/backwards rolls, handstands, cartwheels, falling to a bridge. They will be introduced to kickovers, etc. They will continue to work on body positions, strength, coordination and flexibility.

hot Shots

For tumblers who have already mastered their cartwheel, round offs, and have their fall to bridge perfected but are still working on their kickover, back walkover and their handstand fall to bridge pull up. We really focus on correcting form and technique.


For tumblers that have already mastered their one-armed cartwheel, round-offs, unassisted back bend kickover and perfecting back/front walkovers.


For tumblers who have almost mastered back/front walkovers and are focusing on backhand-springs, ariels, running round-off back-hand springs. We will be focusing on drills to prepare for Elite.


For tumblers who have mastered front/back walkovers, standing back handspring and round off back handspring and are working on round off series or round off back handspring tucks. We will focus on standing tucks, all ariels, layouts and introduce them to twisting and new combination passes.

All Boys

For boys to build strength, flexibility, coordination and learn “awesome tricks”. We will split into two groups within the class allowing them to focus on the skills they are working on. The beginning tumblers will work on skill like handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs bridges and will be introduced to back handsprings. The advanced tumblers will focus on standing tucks, connecting passes, side flips, front flips etc.

Cheer Prep

To develop prefect skills needed for junior high/high school cheer and pom. We will focus on jumps, motions, chants, cheers, and work on some tumbling skills. This class is for those who have tumbling experience and want to prepare for tryouts. This class is for tumblers that are in 6th grade and up.

2022 Summer Camp

We run 4 different 1 week programs between Jamie's Tumble House and The Tumble Shack! Make sure you sign up for the correct location and time!

Membership Pricing

Prices for 1 Class a Week

45 Min

$55 / month
  • Potty Trained Ages 3-5
  • 45 min a Week

1 Hr

$60 / month
  • 1 Hour a Week
  • 10 Month Program

1.25 Hrs

$65 / month
  • 1.25 Hours a Week
  • 10 Month Program

1.5 Hrs

$70 / month
  • 1.5 Hours a Week
  • 10 Month Program

Membership Pricing

Prices for 2 Class a Week

2 Hrs

$110 / month
  • 2 Classes a Week
  • 1 Hr Classes
  • 10 Month Program

2.5 Hrs

$120 / month
  • 2 Classes a Week
  • 2 - 1.25 Hr Classes
  • 10 Month Program

3 Hrs

$130 / month
  • 2 Classes a Week
  • 2 - 1.5 Hr Classes
  • 10 Month Program